With You (2005) – By Brian Morton

 In the world of horror, there are a couple of different points of view. One, and probably the most popular right now, is the ‘gross them out with gore’ school, these people don’t believe that you can make a horror movie without someone losing their head…literally! The second, and far more difficult school, is the ‘build a mood’ school, this school relies more on story telling and acting for scares. With You is by far one of the better of the second school that I’ve seen in quite some time.

With You is the story of Jim, Jim wants out of the rat race so bad that he’s willing to take a few risks, so he quits his job, moves to a the small town of Mount Prospect and rents a house. Now, this might sound like your standard ‘haunted house’ thing, but it’s a little different. With You isn’t really the story of a haunted house as much as it’s the story of a haunted town. You see, most of the people in Mount Prospect know about the old house that stands by itself, Moloch Manor, and the story of the man who lived there, Old Amon, but they don’t talk a lot about it and, unfortunately for Jim, his bedroom looks directly on Morloch Manor! You see, years ago, Old Amon killed everyone in Moloch Manor and, it’s said, that he still haunts the town. At first Jim scoffs at this (as do all people in these kinds of movies), but soon, he finds himself believing after hearing strange voices, getting odd phone calls and, oh yeah, there’s the disappearing body of his boss who calls him from beyond the grave!

With You is a classic style ghost story, suspense is built with mood and storytelling rather than shock and gore, which is very refreshing in this day of the ‘teen WB star of the week in a horror movie.’ With You is the type of movie that slowly sucks you in, at first, you’re sure that this is just another ghost story, but slowly you find yourself drawn into this small town and it’s strange residents. You start to feel sorry for Jim and the people who are trying to help him, all the while feeling sure that disaster is always just around the next corner. With You is a very rare thing in this day and age, a movie that relies on story, good acting and good direction over ‘shock and awe’, it’s well worth your time and effort to see this superior movie! You can see for yourself at With You Movie.com, and I suggest you get there right away before Old Amon gets annoyed with you! So, until next time when I’ll tell you a ghost story of my own, well, it’s not really my own, it’s more of a Casper comic book story, but I change all the names, so until then, remember that the best movies are bad movies.