Woggie (2011) – By Brian Morton

Seeking fame is today’s gold rush…everyone wants it and are doing anything they can to get in front of a camera. Well, a new movie, Woggie, takes a humorous look at a guy who moves to Hollywood to become famous, only to find himself in a Barney the Dinosaur costume taking pictures with tourists.

Woggie is the tale of Rich Ramsey, a semi-normal guy who just wants to be a star. Rich finds himself in a ‘Burney’ the dinosaur costume, taking pictures with tourists for tips. The movie chronicles Rich’s misadventures up and down Hollywood Blvd. There are general assholes, there are kids who want to spit and beat on Rich and there’s a pretty interesting segment where Rich ‘rents’ a little person to help make his movie. One day, Rich stops a bus jacking and finds himself the subject of a documentary film (which ends up being the wrap around to get into and out of Rich’s misadventures).

Woggie is an interesting movie and the filmmakers clearly have a ton of heart and drive to make comedy. The problem is that Woggie is just too long, there’s some fun stuff here, but ultimately this is a one joke movie and the joke begins to wear thin pretty early on. There’s a ton of humor to be found in a guy dressed in a stinky costume taking pictures for tips, but Woggie doesn’t go much further than some obvious homeless jokes and some half-assed slapstick.

It’s a great try, and I’d love to see where this leads the filmmaker, but I really can’t recommend Woggie, unless you enjoy watching movies when you’re high…it’s probably hysterical then! I’m giving Woggie 1 out of 4 cigars; it’s not a comedy that’s too funny! You can find out more for yourself and see the trailer over at http://www.standupcomedy.me.