Wolfcop (2014) – By Kirsten Walsh

This film had buzz all over it while it was still in production. I’ve been waiting almost a year and a half to finally have a chance to watch this film, and boy was it worth it. “Wolfcop”, a feature film that screams ‘80s, is well worth howling for.

“As a series of strange and violent events start happening, an alcoholic policeman realizes that he has been turned into a werewolf as part of a larger plan, so he investigates with the help of his partner and his friend.”

The acting is so over the top that it turns this film into a teenage boy’s fantasy from the mid 80’s. From the gang leader with a tattooed teardrop on his face to the borderline trampy bartender Jessica- who the audience will see naked as she gets her game on with Wolfcop (otherwise known as drunk deputy Lou Garou), the acting is just so ridiculous. The film features an eccentric group of actors that have been supporting characters in a variety of horror films, including “Gingersnaps”, “Final Destination 2”, and  “Grace”. These actors play into the perfect cast as Wolfcop’s friends, co workers, and enemies.

Now, with the acting being over the top, so is the rest of the film. From the over the top special effects (penises that piss blood, then burst into werewolf penises?) to the over the top pimped out Wolfcop-mobile (seriously, it has a “carved” W on the hood and was painted by spraypaint) to the girlfight between the two hottest chicks in the film. The lighting is vibrantly subtle throughout the film, calling to mind an ambiance similar to “Re-Animator”. The production design really makes the audience feel as if they are in the 1980’s, living it up with the Batman-esque Wolfcop. The music is the final touch that sets a tone of pure testosterone and aggression. With a gritty feel and a fast beat, the music is just ridiculous- especially in the sex scene. And yes- there is a sex scene between a human and a werewolf (and a rock ballad)!

The storyline is a bit convoluted and nowhere near as clear as simplistic as the rest of the film’s aspects, but it is definitely original. Deputy Lou was turned into a werewolf by shape shifting cult who sacrifices a lycanthrope every 32 years. They turn him into one just so they can hunt him down a few days later and drain his blood. Meanwhile, a trouble causing gang is out seeking whoever is putting a kink in their crime spree. And the one solid member of the police department is somehow getting dragged into everything.

Would I watch this film again? Hell yes. And now, it is super easy- it is on Netflix!

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