Wolfster: The Curse Of The Emo-Vamp (2006) – By Brian Morton

 Steve Rudzinski of Dark Mullet Cinema is a guy after my own heart. No joke is too goofy, no place is to far to go for a laugh and he’s not afraid to risk looking like a huge moron in the pursuit of that laugh, and that’s something I have to admire about the guy!

Steve’s new micro-budget movie, Wolfster: The Curse Of The Emo-Vamp is one of the weirdest, oddest and funniest things I’ve seen come from the ultra-small budget film community in a while. Here’s the basic story: Dave is a pretty normal guy who lives in a small town. One day a vampire moves into Dave’s town and decides that he needs a pet werewolf to protect him during the daylight hours. In his search for a person to turn into a werewolf, along comes Dave! Now, fortunately for Dave, this vampire is a bit over emotional, so in the middle of casting the spell that will turn Dave into a werewolf, our sissified vampire mis-reads his spell book and starts reading his bad poetry. The combination of spell and bad poetry turns Dave only partly into a wolf, but it also makes him totally aware of his surroundings, so aware that he, in fact, realizes that he’s in a movie!

With Wolfster: The Curse Of The Emo-Vamp, Steve Rudzinski has made an ultra-small budget movie that’s at once self-aware and wildly entertaining. The performances are good, even the bad ones (they’re supposed to be that way!), the story is strong and it’s good to see that Steve has made the step into full fledged comedy…with his sense of humor, I thought it was only a matter of time before he got there. If you love low budget cinema then Wolfster: The Curse Of The Emo-Vamp (and all of Dark Mullet Cinemas movies) is for you! You can get it for yourself at Dark Mullet Cinema.net, all of us should support Steve (and everyone) who’s out there doing the work of the b-movie gods! So, until next time, when I’ll be sitting right here, by my mailbox, living in fear of Wolfster Part 2, remember that the best movies are bad movies!