Work Week (2014) – By Misty Layne

Work Week, a web series that borrows slightly from The Office, follows two co-workers (Rich and Lou) as they navigate the ins and outs of office life. While the series is incredibly cute, it falls extremely flat in the comedic area. Each episode typically lasts just about a minute, which makes this a quick and easy watch, but while you’ll have a few giggles here and there overall this will leave you feeling underwhelmed.

That’s not to say there isn’t anything worthy here. The series is incredibly silly and fun and the guys playing Rich and Lou have just the right amount of deadpan going on. Whether it be making paper clip daisy chains or an Adam Levine sighting, these guys give it their all.

I should also mention that Rich and Lou are the real names of the actors and they’re also the writers of the web series. In fact, not only did the write and star in these but they shot and edited it and all after hours at their offices in NYC. They’d simply wait around until everyone left and shoot sketches until midnight. And for doing all that I give them major props. I know exactly how much time and devotion it takes to make a web series come together and that part these guys DID get right.

Check out Work Week’s Facebook page and visit their website to view episodes!