Worked For Me (2009) – By James Dubbeldam

Worked For Me is a fun, 5 minute short film written/directed/produced/edited by Ken Simpson for $800.00 (Canadian). But it looks like it cost a lot more!  It tells the story of a Michael (played by Isaac Visaretis) who wakes up, goes to work, comes home and finds a note from his partner who’s just left him.  He tries to deal with it alone- unsuccessfully. So he seeks medical attention. His doctor gives him odd advice- “buy a big dog, learn a new language, and learn an instrument”. “Why?” he asks. “It worked for me.”  So, he does just that. At first it’s a transition. But then it all comes together for him. It’s a new life. A new beginning.

Overall the film is of great quality. It sports many nice camera moves, looks professional and feels great. It’s very sleek. It has a great pace to it, you get the idea of what’s going on with Michael without having to see it all happening. It also has many creative elements to it, like how the note is read/shown/narrated in the film.  If I had to point anything out, I would mention that the narration (protagonists thoughts) felt kinda odd and didn’t see to fit. I’m not sure if it was the mix, the voice, the limited use or something else. They just didn’t feel right to me. The story has a sense of humour, but I felt it lacked the humour which in my opinion would have made it much stronger. I also felt as if it lacked emotionality- which in certain scenes it needed.

Overall, Worked For Me is worth watching for all filmmakers (to see what you can do with almost no money very successfully) and anyone who is in the mood for something sleek. That’s how I would describe it.