Working Class (2012) – By Brian Morton

They say that art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder but, whether you like it or not, it’s always interesting to get a glimpse into someone else’s world and see the world through different eyes. That’s why I love documentaries like Working Class. It’s a chance to not only get a look at a different way of thinking, but Working Class gives us two different perspectives that overlap and sometimes conflict…without getting disagreeable.

Working Class is the story of two artists, Mike Maxwell in San Diego and Mike Giant in San Francisco. Giant is a sort of tattoo artist/philosopher whose works have helped to define the city, while Maxwell is more of a street artist whose portraiture is renowned. Both artists have a lot in common, but both are defined by the city they live and work in.

Working Class is a riff on Dickens’ A Tale Of Two Cities, with each artist using their city as part of their inspiration. After watching Working Class, you want to become an artist yourself, to feel free to express yourself without explanation or worry…it must be very freeing. Both Giant and Maxwell are self-taught artists and their work is amazing, and seeing them and their work will make you jealous, both of their attitudes and of what their capable of…it’s a really amazing doc.

I’m giving Working Class 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s cool to see two artists who have so much in common…and are still so different, getting along and inspiring each other, it’s an inspiration to all of us. Find out more over at, and you can find out about their latest projects and upcoming films at