Works Well With Others (2010) – By Brian Morton

The horrible economy and the bad job market are something that we all think of as ‘just at home’, but, in fact, it’s bad all over the world. Case in point, the latest movie from Kirsten Robb, Works Well with Others .

This is the tale of Jacquie, a mature woman who’s getting back in the job market. The problem comes when she’s greeted with her first ever ‘group interview’, a new process that’s evolved to cope with so many people applying for the same job! Well, first the process doesn’t go so well for Jacquie, then her life begins to unravel. What’s a girl to do? Well, Jacquie finds a way to get a bit of revenge without going down a dark path!

Works Well with Others is a great short that’s fun to watch and you’ll find yourself identifying with…whether you think you will or not! Anna Head is great as Jacquie and the cast is amazing. Robb has crafted a perfect ‘down and out’ comedy, and it’s well worth your time.

I’m giving Works Well with Others 4 out of 4 cigars, you’ll find yourself laughing, and you’ll realize that you’re really laughing at yourself! Find out more about this great little short here.