Worldly Possessions (2014) – By Brian Morton

The occult is always fun to watch…probably not so much to deal with in real life, but a movie about it is usually fun!  And that’s the case with the new movie from director Robert Filion, Worldy Possessions.

Worldly Possessions is the story of Stephen Drake, a man who sees demons.  It’s Drake’s lot in life to see these evil things and eliminate them, the problem is, he’s the only one who sees them.  But, when Drake goes back to his hometown, he finds himself not only facing demons, but personal demons as well, a situation that does not bode well for a demon hunter!

What I really loved about this short was that it didn’t feel like a short, it felt like the first part of a series, and I’d love to see more.  Even with the ending…which I won’t give away….I think the writer and director have the potential for a very cool series here that I’d love to see more of!

I’m giving Worldly Possessions 4 out of 4 cigars, if you love occult action, then you’ll love this short!  You can find out more about the movie and where you can check it out for yourself by heading over to: