Yeah, Love (2008) – By Matt Barry

Emmily (Crystal Franceschini) is a confused high school student who narrates this tale of her awkward longing for and infatuation with her classmate Milo (Paton Ashbrook). Emmily tells her story (through an engaging voice-over narration) of young love and the struggles of being a teenager conflicted over her desires.

A chance encounter in the park, and a subsequent walk home, brings the two closer together, and she decides to tell Milo how she feels about her before she graduates from school in two weeks. The rest of the film tells of her efforts to express to Milo her feelings, and Milo’s eventual reaction when she finds out.

Crystal Franceschini delivers a fine leading performance, conveying a wide range of emotions, and instantly engaging the audience in her character. What’s remarkable is how this film puts such an intensely fresh spin on its story. This is due largely to Franceschini’s performance, as well as that of Paton Ashbrook. It’s easy, when dealing with stories of teenage crushes, to fall back on stock types and situations, but this film is refreshingly energetic and manages to pack quite an emotional punch in its short, 17-minute running time.

Yeah, Love is directed by Becca Roth, and presented by Finding Emma Productions. The film is available for viewing online at: