YIKES (2015) – By Jonathan Hatfield

This was a unique film of a young actor not having the best of days. Along the way, he learns he has a psychic ability and eventually learns to use it for good. Unfortunately no one seems to appreciate it.

The cinematography was of great quality and allowed the look of the film to mesh well with the genre of the film. For example, there are heavy shadows to go with the dark humor.

The sound quality was great but could have been slightly better. Although, this didn’t bother me much because the genre of the film was on the humorous side.

The acting was my favorite part. As one who is very picky with what movies I will pay money for, the acting in this film was refreshing to me.

As far as story goes, it was ok. The film gets the point across that the character doesn’t have the best of luck. I enjoyed his new found gift and I enjoyed that he eventually uses it for good, but this is where I get mixed feelings.

I felt that the story should have gone in a direction that was a little more than cute and forgettable. I was really hoping it was going to leave me with more of an impact. Was the only reason for making this film to relay the message that everyone has a bad day? The reasons we watch fictional films are for greater reasons than this.

From the beginning, I didn’t like that the main character was an actor and that the story showed the logistics of the acting process from the perspective of an actor who is new to the industry.

This is why:
This is not what an audience wants to see. This is semi-interesting, but not entertaining. In my opinion, this is an easy way out for a filmmaker to simply write what he/she knows just to get something on screen.

Additionally, this genre, no matter how much money is poured into it, is not one that really grabs the average viewer’s attention.

So if you’re one who likes films that are different and outside of the norm, don’t let any of my negative comments deter you from watching. There are many aspects of this film that are of superb quality – including the aspect of the story that everyone having a bad day can relate to.

Overall, I enjoyed every aspect of this film except for the storyline that left me wanting for something more.

My rating: out of 10 – 10 as highest:

In General: 7
Cinematography:  10
Acting: 9
Sound: 8.5
Story: 6