You Only Loved Me Twice (2008) – By Matthew Saliba

A couple months ago, I had to privilege to review Ryan Pickett’s stunning surreal drama, "Look." This month, I get a chance to journey back in time as it were to 2008 when Pickett made his directorial debut with the noirish "You Only Loved Me Twice."

This is a more straightforward narrative that tells the story of the Millers and how infidelity gets in the way of the relationship resulting in a rather fatal conclusion. Amy Miller (Michelle Evans) prepares dinner for her husband, Ray (Matt Bolton) and as she does so, we learn that she’s discovered her husband’s been cheating on her with Lisa Hewitt (Jennifer Bonior) and as such she plans on unleashing the kind of hell only a woman scorned is capable of. She’s going to kill him. However, what she doesn’t know is that her husband may or may not have a similar idea.

The visual aesthetic of the film is quite something and very reminiscent of David Lynch’s "Lost Highway." The editing and the pacing of the piece is spot-on making the 8 minutes go by quickly. Performances are equally strong with all the right emotions being conveyed, which given the lack of dialogue is no easy task. As this is a first-time filmmaker film, the piece isn’t without its problems, namely in the sound design department. The Foley work sounds a little loud and obvious and could probably have been dropped down a few decibels to make it sound more subtle. But there’s quite a bit of tension in the film, particularly in the scene where Amy’s about to shoot Ray until a very happy accident prevents her from doing so.

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