You Think Your Thanksgiving Dinner is Bad? – By Danny Runion

After the sugar rush of Halloween and hopefully the end of all the political ads for a few months, we can look to the later part of this month with Thanksgiving, a feast of turkey. After the recovery of the turkey or ham leftovers, unfortunately, the ads will remind us that it is only "X" shopping days until Christmas. However, this isn’t the time to look forward to that time of blatant and crass commercialization.

The Thanksgiving dinner will have plenty of families sitting on pins and needles hoping the infamous "keywords" like politicians, religion, etc… are left unmentioned. Who wants to see the Warlock get in an argument with anyone about religion? OK, that’s not the a good question to ask anyone reading "Rogue Cinema" because seeing Julian Sands yelling at some trippy Wikkan has to be better than any football game on TV. We’ve seen what would happen with a President Kreuger and other several of the big name horror stars. This time we’re seeing what some of the lesser name horror stars would do at their Thanksgiving dinner.

"Psycho"’s Norman Bates is continually yelling at his mother that the turkey stuffing won’t be bone dry when Carrie is handy to telekinetically throw the knives and other silverware to the dining room table. Suddenly, "Little Shop of Horrors"’s Seymour brought his blood pudding that Audrey 2 keeps screaming for him to feed her.

At the dining room table, Mrs. West is complaining that her son, Dr. Herbert West, could have made so much more money if he’d gotten into plastic surgery clinic or did Botox injections. The Gingerdead Man is running around to keep from being sacrificed as the special topping on the cobbler. The Puppetmaster has to continually remind the kids to leave Leechwoman alone. Damien from the "Omen" is upset he still has to sit at the kiddie table with Regan from the "Exorcist".