Young Islands (2010) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes there’s no better drama than real life. At least, that seems to be the philosophy of Kevin Chenault in his new movie, Young Islands. And, you know what? He’s right!

Young Islands is the tale of Corey, a young man who seems to have no direction. His father’s in the hospital, his parents’ marriage is breaking apart and Corey’s not quite sure where he stands in the whole mix, so he’s largely taken himself out of his own family and inserted himself into his friends. The problem is that, it’s not really his family and Corey wants to be part of a family…desperately.

There’s no big build up to a pay off, there’s no over arching lesson to learn here…it’s just a slice of life captured by Chenault and his crew…and it’s great! The acting is top notch, the story moves along and will draw you in and it all feels real, there’s nothing here that feels forced or out of the ordinary, this is Corey’s life and it’s not unlike our own…and you realize that we don’t need to find the angst in movies or books…angst surrounds us all the time, we just need to really see others to see their pain.

I’m giving Young Islands 3 out of 4 cigars, the running time was a bit long and there were times I really wanted the story to move forward, but it’s still a wonderful indie drama that’s well worth your time! You can find out more about Corey’s life by heading over to