Zach & Travis (Web Series – 2015) – By Levi Anderson


This new web series from comedian Rich Camp features 18 short videos in Season One, 30 videos in Season Two. The series stars Tony Giambusso alongside Camp.  The premise is two roommates sharing moments and philosophizing on a couch. Zach is the normal one, Travis is the abnormal one, and most of the jokes seem to be Zach trying to figure out what Travis is up to.  It’s simple, slightly quirky, and it kind of works.

No video is longer than 2 minutes, many clocking in at under a minute. That said, it’s still a 15+ minutes and 30+ minutes to watch each season, and because each video is so short, there’s no point in just watching one. The best way to watch is via the YouTube Playlist, which auto plays the episodes in order for each season. This gives the show a chance to at least whip a few different jokes at you to see if any stick.

Season Two is where the guys actually hit their stride and it’s my recommendation to just start there. The one standout in Season One being “Travis Buys a Hologram” where they actually do a light bit of CGI.  I think expanding on that idea of keeping the principal location locked to that couch, but incorporating more experimental editing, more prop humor, or introducing outside events that impact them on their couch, is where the series has chance to keep growing. Upon finding Season Two, I was humored to see that they did play with these ideas on skits like “Travis Shares Trail Mix” and “Travis Finds a Message in a Bottle”.

Give it a watch at one of the links below. It’s painless.

Season One:
Season Two:
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