Zedic and the Crimson Born (2012) – By Misty Layne

Zedic and the Crimson Born is a short film made by Dan O’Connor, who later plans to turn it into a full feature intelligent science fiction film which starts out in New York. The movie concept is based on the premise that Earth has been visited many times by the Yetra species during human civilization, including thousands of years ago during the period of giant monoliths and hundreds of years ago during the cultural Renaissance. These aliens have decided that they must incorporate some of their own DNA into that of selected humans to advance Homo sapiens to a higher level of consciousness. This DNA is artificially engineered to make it compatible with the human makeup. While the aim is to rescue humans from war, starvation and other suffering, there is a far deeper reason for this intervention other than the benefit of mankind. Their goal in creating these hybrids is not only to protect humans from themselves, but to save the entire universe from an evil force which feeds on negativity.

Short and sweet, this film starts off fast and furious with the introduction of Nick, a boy who has always felt different and never understood why. He constantly feels as if there is a presence around him, has started having psychic abilities and sees himself and others with a red halo. His younger sister thinks he’s crazy and his friends think he’s being ridiculous. One day though he finally discovers why this is all happening when he is visited by an alien who explains that the alien race is trying to save humanity from itself.

The movie jumps from scene to scene but flows nicely and there’s no loss of understanding the plot due to the jumps. Everyone acts their piece well but the younger sister is the most fun in her character. There’s some nice visuals happening with certain light and dark schemes happening in Nick’s house and there also seem to be visual cues that lend themselves to a deeper understanding of what’s going on in the form of Nick’s friends always wearing sunglasses whenever he sees them (the alien is wearing sunglasses at first and makes a reference saying that Nick’s friends aren’t what they seem!).

The film itself does not reveal much, despite monologues by Zedic, yet it is clear that there is a lot of room for developing the story for a full-feature film, which can go in pretty much any direction.

A nice bit of work that left me wondering what will happen next, Zedic & the Crimson Born is definitely going places! To find out more about this short film and Dan, visit their website here.