Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops (2015) – Jim Morazzini


An evil Japanese company has been conducting evil experiments on dead soldiers, (we’re not told if the soldiers were evil too), and as often happens things go badly wrong. The undead ninjas they’ve created prove to be uncontrollable and go on a killing spree in the building. A police swat team is dispatched to take care of the zombies, (and steal the research). However even they aren’t ready for the vicious attack of these undead assassins. They also don’t know a former black ops specialist is in the building, interviewing for a position as head of security. The survivors must battle their way out of the building if they want to survive.

Despite the title this is basically an action movie, yes the ninjas are revived corpses, (obviously of the fast moving variety), but they don’t eat their victims. It does make them bulletproof except for head shots, but since most ninjas can dodge bullets anyway that isn’t a big deal. The film is mainly endless martial arts duels, indeed the lead ninja is played by UFC veteran Soa “The Hulk” Palelei. And the fights are well choreographed although at times the heroes seem to take so much damage even by action film standards it’s hard to believe they’re still alive.

It’s good that the fight scenes work so well because the script and acting are pretty hopeless. The dialogue is terminally cliched and delivered in a fairly unconvincing manner. But in a film like this does anyone really expect good acting? This is like an updated version of the 1976 cult film Death Machines with it’s pharmaceutically zombified black belts used as assassins.  And like with it, the best thing to do is enjoy the fights and ignore everything else, thankfully there’s a good deal more fighting in this film.

This isn’t a film that will change your opinion of action films, or even stick with you for long after you watch it. But it is a fun watch in the style of the classic old martial arts films you remember from Saturday afternoon tv.