Zombie Run (2013) – By Joshua Samford

The zombie genre, once a criminally-ignored staple of the horror genre, has become perhaps the most mainstream segment within all of the horror realm. Where at one time only devoted film geeks seemed to pay attention to the works of Lucio Fulci and George Romero, now the marketplace has been completely saturated with films, tv shows, comic book, quirky novels, and action figures, all escalating the hype behind this once-forgotten subgenre. Many of the horror-faithful are turning their backs on the genre in retrospect, in the same way that a young person might turn on a band once they’ve achieved a certain level of popularity, but truthfully this is a genre that is easy to become fascinated with. There’s a lot that can be done with the zombie genre, and although there are innumerable projects out there dealing with this subject matter – there’s still a twist that hasn’t been thought of. In the case of Zombie Run, the British short film we are discussing today, I do believe that there is one such slight twist. Zombies in action. Sure, it isn’t the first time I’ve ever seen a zombified action film, but for a seven minute short that really only lasts about five minutes with credits taken out, that’s about all this short really needs in order to get me invested in the project.

Focusing on a husband and wife duo who go for a pleasant jog near the woods, we see what happens when these average folks stumble upon an army of zombies who lay-in-wait. That’s about all there is for plot in this one, but considering how short this project is, that seems to be all the movie finds essential. Ultimately, this is a cinematic test of sorts. The project shows off the talents of a group of filmmakers who manage to make their tiny short look like a million bucks. The photography is excellent, looking both sharp and polished while evoking a gritty and bleak atmosphere, and there’s rarely a moment where this short doesn’t give off the feel of a much larger project. With great practical special FX work, a large cast of nasty-looking zombies, and an aura of professionalism, this is a project that points towards a group of filmmakers who have very strong futures ahead of them.

This is a project that is short on story but high on thrills. The title tells you all that you need to know. Yes, this is a short that features running zombies, and yes, there is going to be a chase sequence at some point. I don’t think the project needs to be sold any more than that, but it’s also worth mentioning that apparently the project came into being as a way to drum up support for a local hospital charity. So, not only is it an awesome short, but it was made for a good cause as well. If you’re given the opportunity, I would definitely say check this one out. It’ll probably be one of the glossiest independent short films you’ll see this year. You can read more about the project via its, official site, IMDB listing, and the official Facebook page.