Zombie Wife (2007) – By Brian Morton

 If you love low budget horror as much as I do, then you’re probably as sick of zombies as I am. They come in every shape and form, there are groups of zombies, zombie loners, zombie kids, zombie sheep…you name it and it’s probably been zombified! Well, I just got a short film from Jason Knuth, the co-writer of A Bowlful Of Happiness (that I saw and loved at last years It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival), zombifies his wife, but in a very different way!

First of all, Jason does what alot of us have dreamed of…killed off his wife! Yep, the Zombie Wife of the title is Jason’s actual wife, so maybe there was some underlying thing here that Jason might want to work out in therapy…just kidding! Zombie Wife is the story of a man who argues all the time with his wife, then one day, after a particularly bad argument says, "I wish you were dead!" and the next thing you know, his wish is granted, his wife is killed in a car accident. But, just because someone is dead, doesn’t mean they’re gone, and, as is often the case in these zombie movies, his wife is home waiting for him when he gets home from her funeral!

Zombie Wife offers the same tongue-in-cheek humor that we saw in A Bowlful Of Happiness, it’s obviously played for laughs. And, while the budget is low…very close to non-existent, most likely, the movie is still charming. Jason’s love of the genre, and film in general, really comes through, and, while the movie is fun, it’s probably the outtakes that had me laughing the most. The cast seemed to be made up of people who genuinely liked each other and the graveside outtakes featuring Jason and William P. Zenobia seemed ad-libed and had me laughing out loud! Zombie Wife is really a love note from Jason to the genre, and it’s very well done. I can’t wait to see what Jason can do with a bigger budget. You can check out Zombie Wife, and get a copy for yourself by going to Jason’s MySpace page. If you love the zombie genre, or just need a good laugh, then Zombie Wife will fill the bill, I’m giving it four out of four cigars, just for the fun and the passion that I can see in the movie. So, until next time, when I’ll tell you about my zombie wife…well, she’s not a zombie, I just bore her very much, until them, remember that the best movies are bad movies.