Zombies Gone Wild (2007) – By Brian Morton

 One of the hardest things to do in film is to combine horror and comedy. I think that it’s one of those things that, when it’s done right, looks so easy that we all think we can do it, when actually it takes an inordinate amount of talent and skill to combine the two successfully. Well, Zombies Gone Wild makes a valiant attempt, but sadly falls a bit short.

Here’s the story: Marty, Randy and Leroy are nerds who are determined to head out on spring break to "get some", the problem with their little plan is that they’re all complete dorks. Now, on the way to their break, they come across a couple of girls who are actually interested in them, and they’re invited to a party. The problems start when they get to the party location and find that the girls and everyone else in the little town are actually zombies! Zombies Gone Wild promises a couple of laughs and a couple of scares, but delivers on neither.

The beginning of the movie plays like a bad version of Revenge Of The Nerds with plenty of fart and poop jokes and sex jokes, the last part wants badly to be a funny version of Return Of The Living Dead, but never lives up to the promise of either of the films played homage to here. The movie even ends in such a way that made me think that it was being written as they were filming! And, I have to say, one character keeps turning up, a character who’s credited as ‘Juan Flabio’, who I suspect is also writer/director G.R., and he’s probably the biggest ham in the cast. Whenever this man pops up on screen you can assume that chaos is about to ensue, and not the controlled chaos that seems spontaneous but is actually scripted, this is the kind of chaos that makes me think that the director just said ‘do something funny’ and what ever popped into ‘Juan’s’ mind is what was filmed, no matter how lame…the "wild" scene with ‘Juan’ playing the wacky gas station attendant who keeps breaking things on the car comes directly to my mind! If you’re interested in checking out this movie for yourself (despite warnings) then you can pop over to Zombies Gone Wild The Movie.com and check it out for yourself! I’m giving this mess of a movie, one out of four cigars. So, until next time, when I’ll once again bear the burden of watching the unwatchable, remember that the best movies are bad movies.