Zombies Take The Schoolyard (2010) – By Brian Morton

High school is a tough place…we all know that…but, add in a full fledged zombie attack and it gets a bit tougher! That’s the premise (sort of) of Zombies Take the Schoolyard.

Scott is holed up in the school’s janitorial closet, when Ralph comes banging on the door. They seem to be the only two left alive and there’s no way out of the closet! One of the two must sacrifice himself so the other can escape!

Zombies Take the Schoolyard is an interesting short, writer/director James Tuverson has taken a very limited budget and done a lot with it, but this movie feels like an introduction to something bigger…which may be a personal wish…I’m not sure, and the movie has an ending that really does seem to be setting us up for more.

I’m giving Zombies Take the Schoolyard 3 1/2 out of 4 cigars, it’s an interesting short and a great start for an up and coming filmmaker. Find out more by heading over to http://www.zombiestaketheschoolyard.com.